The Ultimate 10 Day Guide to Boost Wellness

The Ultimate 10 Day Guide to Boost Wellness

August 30, 2018

We all know that overall wellness isn't just a one time thing. Its a lifestyle, its making changes on a regular basis to achieve overall Wellness. 

Wellness to me means what you are putting inside your body, what you are doing on the outside in terms of exercise and looking after your body and then what you are doing for your self and with your mind.. 

Its a lot to think about and so so so many things come under these 3 categories that where do you start? 

Well you start day by day. One thing at a time and then its just becomes part of your life.. AND if on a few days you don't do any of the things you'd like to- like eat crap food, sit and watch tv all day and do nothing then thats ok too.. As long as its a balance.... You don't want to do that everyday.. 

So here is your guide to change just one thing per day for 10 days and then see if you can incorporate it into your days after your 10 days is up.. 

Please please let me know how you go and what you loved and what you didn't.. 

We are all in this together. 

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